Apple changed the home button on the iPhone 7, from the previous physical mechanical button into a capacitive solid-state button that detects presses by the user through sensors. The move is considered an evolution of the 3D Touch design first introduced by Apple in the iPhone 6s, but such a home button could present problems when winter rolls around.

With the change, the previous methods to force reset the smartphone and enter the device's recovery mode and DFU mode no longer work. This is a problem for users who are unlucky enough to regularly encounter freezing problems on their smartphones.

Force Reset

To force reset an iPhone, users previously had to hold down the Power button and the Home button at the same time until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears. To reset the iPhone 7, users will have to use a different combination of buttons.

To force reset the iPhone 7, hold down the Power button on the right side of the device and the Volume Down button on the left side at the same time. Users should then wait for the familiar black screen and Apple logo, which would signal a successful hard reset.

Recovery Mode

To access Recovery Mode on the iPhone 7, users will first have to connect their smartphone to their PC or Mac using a Lightning to USB cable. Afterwards, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button until screen goes black, similar to the method to force reset the smartphone.

However, users should keep holding the Power button and the Volume Down button even after the appearance of the Apple logo. The buttons can be released once the Connect to iTunes prompt appears on the iPhone 7's display.

After the appearance of the prompt, users can enter Recovery Mode by launching iTunes.

DFU Mode

Accessing DFU Mode on the iPhone 7 also required a change, with the first steps mirroring the method to access Recovery Mode. After connecting the smartphone to the PC or Mac, users should press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for 10 seconds, and then release the Power button and keep holding the Volume Down button for 10 more seconds.

Unlike in accessing Recovery Mode, which will display a message to Connect to iTunes, accessing DFU Mode will keep the screen of the iPhone 7 blank. Users should then launch iTunes to enter DFU Mode.

Leaving Recovery And DFU Modes

To exit Recovery Mode and DFU Mode, users simply have to perform a force reset on the iPhone 7 by once again holding down the Power button and Volume Down button.

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