With increased attention being focused on the upcoming car from Faraday Future, it was only a matter of time before pictures of it in the wild leaked.

As the new electric car was seen in the Mojave, it set off a storm of speculation among car enthusiasts who took to the internet to discuss its features and more. Importantly, this follows up on the news in June that the company is planning to test driverless cars in California and release electric cars in the United States next year.

Reports of the new car from Faraday Future, however, are sketchy — with the company not providing any official information about it. This has changed when the electric crossover was spotted in the Mojave being put through a test drive. Additionally, it was reported that the car was "camouflaged but most of its features appear to be similar to the vehicle that was seen earlier in August."

Among the most important features was the presence of exposed hinges for the hatch that were seen on the roof. These also go a long way to show that the car is indeed going to be a crossover, with several features borrowed from SUVs but could still end up providing good competition to the Tesla Model X.

While it made its appearance in the Mojave, photos of the car added a dash to credibility to the sighting. As for the other official details about the car, they point to it coming with a low carbon footprint. However, it is not clear how it would fare when compared to similar vehicles in the market.

Meanwhile, reports say that speculation about the unnamed car from Faraday Future is currently based on another vehicle, the FFZERO1 racecar concept, which was unveiled during CES this year. The company has also made it clear that the chassis used in the concept racecar, will also be employed as the backbone for other cars that is plans to release in the future.

While it is not clear when this new car from Faraday Future will arrive in the market, its existence and the fact that it is currently in its test drive stage is being treated as a positive piece of news. There are also expectations that a concept will arrive this year or the next and it will have five seats and be able to drive autonomously. As for sales of the new car it is only expected to kick off in 2018.

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