Plenty of video games never see the light of day for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a game will be in production for years before the plug is pulled for financial reasons, while at other times, a project will barely get off the ground before it gets the axe. In the case of Silent Hill: Broken Covenant, a previously-unknown entry in the series, the game never made it past the initial developer pitch.

However, that hasn't stopped YouTube channel PtoPOnline from uploading never-before-seen footage of the game anyway. According to the video, the untitled Silent Hill pitch (which would later be reformed into a pitch for the almost-identical Silent Hill: Broken Covenant) was set to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive entry in the franchise from Climax Studios, the developers who worked on 2008's Silent Hill: Origins and 2009's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The eight-minute demo shows protagonist Father Hector Santos battling his way through a creepy building, solving simple puzzles and shooting deranged enemies from the third-person perspective. The game's story would see Hector arrive in the town of Coyote Flats, Ariz., a town slowly becoming corrupted by an evil presence thanks to a cult that had recently set up shop there. Hector, being a priest, would be able to purify the town using holy water, and Climax Studios even planned on implementing vehicle segments using Hector's pickup truck. All the classic Silent Hill enemies were set to make an appearance, including Nurses and Pyramid Head.

The pitch demo seen below wasn't meant to be a indicative of what the final product would look like. Climax Studios used assets from Silent Hill: Origins to piece together the pitch, and there are obviously many aspects of the brief demo that are unfinished and unpolished. Still, it looks like it could have become a capable entry in the Silent Hill franchise had Konami not turned Climax down. Climax attempted to rework the game's plot structure into that of an episodic game that might have released on the Xbox 360 as well, but Konami still wasn't interested.

Of course, Silent Hill: Broken Covenant wouldn't be the last Silent Hill game to never officially release. Konami infamously cancelled the Hideo Kojima-led Silent Hills in 2015, despite the game's free playable demo having been a huge success on PlayStation 4.

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