Over the weekend, Konami revealed a new, 15-minute gameplay video of Metal Gear Survive, the upcoming spin-off that turns Metal Gear Solid V into a zombie-filled survival game.

Just as was the case when the game was announced, fans still aren't happy about the news, and no amount of gameplay is going to change that fact. The 15-minute demo video for Metal Gear Survive currently has almost half a million views. However, it's not the views that are important here — it's the dislikes.

As of this writing, the video sports more than 16,000 "dislikes." By comparison, only 1,155 viewers have "liked" the video. The vast majority of the comments are overwhelmingly negative, with many users writing that they didn't even watch the video before downvoting and leaving a negative comment. One straight-to-the point comment simply reads, "I hate Konami." It is currently one of the most liked comments on the video.

Why all the hate? It's all because of how Konami treated Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima last year. Konami and Kojima had a very public falling out toward the end of Metal Gear Solid V's development, and it led to Konami stripping Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid V's box art and preventing him from attending awards shows.

Kojima, who is no longer with Konami, has gone on record to say he is in no way involved with the project, which only gives diehard Metal Gear fans even more reason to hate the first Metal Gear game without Kojima's involvement. There's also the fact that the game simply doesn't look to have anything to do with Metal Gear. For starters, it's set in an alternate reality, which is to say that the game adds nothing to existing Metal Gear Solid canon. While it uses many of the same gameplay mechanics from Metal Gear Solid V, a co-op-focused zombie spin-off game is the last thing many fans of the franchise want.

To put it simply, it's a cash grab on Konami's part. The company has the engine and game mechanics from Metal Gear Solid V, and is simply looking for a quick buck by re-purposing it in the form of Metal Gear Survive. It's the last thing fans of the franchise want, and they're going to make their voices heard, even if the only way to do so is by downvoting a YouTube gameplay clip into oblivion.

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