There is plenty of excitement surrounding Apple's latest operating system for mobile devices — iOS 10 — and now Apple has finally released its next-gen desktop OS for Mac users, the macOS Sierra.

We have listed the top five macOS Sierra features that we love and think are going to find favor with Mac users as well.

Mac Gets Siri

Finally Siri comes to Mac and while the voice assistant will be able to perform the already-known tasks, she will also benefit from some specific abilities for desktop.

While typing you will be able to not only use Siri to search the web, but also sift through the reams of files. For example, you can instruct Siri to "show all the files I worked on yesterday."

Users can even pin the Siri search results on the notification center. This feature is quite handy when you want quick access to a specific result or for example keep tabs on the match score!

Universal Copy And Paste

Apple users tend to have multiple devices from the company so if you own a Mac, it is pretty likely that you have an iPhone and/or iPad as well.

macOS Sierra brings the ability for Apple devices to work with each other better. The arrival of universal copy and paste is a welcome addition and will let a user copy stuff from their iOS-powered device and paste it to a window on the Mac sans any hassle. Alternately, users can use universal copy and paste to copy stuff from their Mac and paste it to their iPhone.

Auto Unlock

macOS Sierra brings the ability to swiftly and automatically log on to a Mac, even if it is password-protected. How? By ensuring your authenticated iPhone or Apple Watch is in the vicinity. So if you're within close range of the Mac, the iPhone or Apple Watch's low-power Bluetooth will unlock the desktop automatically. This handy feature negates the need for one to key in the password to log in each time one is away from the Mac.


Now when you're using Safari on your Mac, you have the option of taking any video from YouTube (or any other video streaming site) and pinning it to the display's corner. This ensures that the video is like a floating window and you can watch it even while working!

Universal Clipboard

This feature is self-explanatory. In macOS Sierra you can use the universal clipboard to basically access any image, text or video that you copy and paste across macOS and iOS 10 devices. The best bit: no setup is needed!

All the iDevices need to be logged into your iCloud account. Then you simply select a text or a link - for example, on your iPad - and then deploy the paste option on your Mac, which will easily retrieve the data copied. This can be done the other way around as well.

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