Just when new subscribers were starting to get the hang of all the features of Apple Music, Apple released an update to its operating system that included a redesign of its music streaming app.

While the more simple and clean design is easier on the eyes, some users are left fumbling when trying to find out just how to navigate what feels like a brand-new app.

Some users (including this reporter) somehow always manage to screw something up in the settings so that even when they tap on Shuffle All, the same song from the playlist or album plays over and over again unless they manually tap the next arrow.

Previously, Apple Music users just had to tap on the track to view it in full screen and tap on the "..." to expand the option window. Users would see the repeat song options at the button and make sure it wasn't highlighted in gray.

But with the redesign for iOS, it may seem impossible to know where this is hiding. When tapping on the "..." users will now see a menu that allows them to remove the track, add to a playlist, create a station, share the song, read the lyrics, love it or even dislike it (which will affect what kinds of songs are played in Apple Music's Radio). But nope, no shuffle or more importantly, no repeat button in this new "Now Playing" interface.

Here's how to turn off song repeat in Apple Music now:

Tap on the song to open the full-screen "Now Playing" interface. Then simply swipe up, and now all the songs coming "Up Next" will appear underneath.

To the right of the "Up Next" text is the shuffle icon, as well as the repeat button. If this is highlighted in red then all songs are set to replay over and over again unless manually changed. If it is highlighted red with a 1, Apple Music is set to have that one particular song replayed continuously. This means make sure this icon is completely turned off. The only thing red should be the arrows in the icon against the gray background.

This is only one of the many changes made to Apple Music for iOS 10. Of course the first thing users will notice is they enter their Library as soon as they launch the app. Those with an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can also use Touch ID on a specific track to bring up the menu options.

Users can scroll though albums and playlists in the "For You" section, and the "Browse" features curated playlists, playlists by activities and mood.

It might take some time to get the hang of where the new features are, but it is a nice improvement from the bland previous version.

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