The iOS 10 is here and available for download starting today, Sept. 13, as Apple had earlier announced. The update is expected to add more than a few novel features, which include a new lock screen, updated Maps and Music apps, and an interactive Messages app.

The Cupertino company also opened up its Siri voice assistance software to developers, so device owners can look out for many of their favorite apps gaining voice support in the coming months.

Before attempting to download iOS 10, though, you must first prepare your device to receive the update. Also, one should be certain whether their handset will support iOS 10 since not all iPhones and iPads will be upgradeable.

Of course, the update will work on the iPhone 7, all the way back to iPhone 5. As for the iPad, you'll need to have the iPad Pro 12.9-inch or something as early as the iPad Mini 2.

Create Extra Space

The first step is to make some room on your device, which means, you may have to delete apps and other content that are not needed.

Back Up Your Files

The next step prior to updating is to back up all important files and information. This is a crucial thing to do because anything could go wrong during an update. Backing up content will make sure your files won't be lost forever.

There are two options here. A user can either decide to back up files via iTunes, or they can use iCloud.

Now, with everything set and ready to go, it is time to upgrade your Apple smartphone or tablet to iOS 10. Just navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. That's it, you're all good to go now.

After downloading iOS 10, be sure to check out the Super Mario Run stickers that had been released before the launch of the update.

It's also possible now to use song lyrics to reply to a text due to a new extension for iMessage. This is only available for iOS 10.

Update All Your Apps

As it is with most major updates of an operating system, some apps usually run into problems after the installation of the new firmware. To make sure this doesn't happen at all — especially on a wide scale — be sure to update all the apps used on a regular basis.

To do this, fire up the App Store app, tap on the button that says "Updates", then tap on "Update All."

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