Game streamers who like broadcasting their skills have it hard when trying to stream smartphone apps on Twitch, and Facebook is even a bigger challenge.

However, Facebook Live was updated to allow streaming of Android games (and various other apps) through the BlueStacks desktop emulator. It works for both Mac and PC, although we find it hard to believe that a Mac user would own an Android smartphone.

Despite the integration already existing on Twitch, the newly added Facebook Live support lends mobile games streamers access to a different, more varied audience. Twitch has been sitting under Amazon's umbrella since 2014, but the platform tends to focus more on the community of dedicated gamers. Bringing Android games streaming on Facebook could give much more exposure to streamers as well as new entertainment to the social media's users.

Streamers are able to customize their layout, so that it is as user-friendly and simplified as possible for the audience to enjoy it. What is more, BlueStacks also comes packed with the option to broadcast in square aspect ratio, which works best for mobile displays.

Thanks to the embedded metrics, streamers are always aware of their audience as well as in touch with the community via Facebook's live chat and likes.

BlueStacks touts that their integration is smooth enough that players can take their minds off awkwardly holding or fumbling with their phone and instead can fully focus on streaming and gaming.

Keep in mind that by tapping into the desktop emulator you will lose touch interaction, unless you own a touch-enabled Windows PC. This also implies that the gaming experience will be different from the one you would get on a genuine Android phone. The difference will be hard felt especially in games where fast-twitch control input is mandatory.

However, the integration should allow streamers to reach a much larger audience than before, via Facebook's new tools.

Aside from backing the ever growing gaming streaming industry, BlueStacks is useful in other types of apps. Should you want to create a live video tutorial of a new Instagram feature, for example, it is easy to do so.

We also expect to see on the spot hilarious reaction videos streamed on the social network.

If streaming is part of your hobbies or you're just curious how it works, download the latest version of the BlueStacks Android emulator and get ready to share your wits with the world.

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