Virtual reality gaming is ready to get an extra layer of authenticity thanks to a new wearable manufactured by Woojer.

So far, gamers who wanted to get totally immersed into VR relied on a headset, haptic motion controllers and even directional sound earphones. The next level of full-on virtual reality engagement will come from the Vest that offers real-time body feedback, so users feel like they are actually in the middle of the action.

The Woojer Vest is worn, not surprisingly, like any regular vest. It covers the gamer's chest and it contains a set of six haptic transducers that are programmed to play back sounds with frequencies ranging between 0 and 500 Hz.

By syncing the sounds with in-game events, the vibration triggers sensations that mirror real-world physical interactions. In order to create the maximum impact on your body, the transducers are located near "meridian points," which are some of the most sensitive parts of the body.


Woojer is no beginner in the game of creating immersive gadgets. In 2015, the company rolled out its identical moniker Woojer, which was a subwoofer with a twist.

The subwoofer used a near identical principle as this year's vest. In short, the gadget could be placed on a gamer's chest or under the seat to offer extra rumble to a game. By tapping into Woojer's potential, gamers felt more involved in their Battlefield fights.

Sound Library And SDK

To help developers make the most out of the Vest, Woojer is also releasing an SDK to help the crafting of more haptic content. As you would imagine, this means that music and movies will get specific apps to make the artistic content more memorable. No less than 400 sound effects will be embedded in the standard library coming with the developer kit, which should give a good start to creators who want to tap into the potential of the Vest.


The manufacturer kept mum about the final price of the Vest.

However, the company offers a 30 percent price cut for preorders of the Vest, regardless of its final price. The OEM touts that its wearable is compatible with pretty much all gaming environments, including PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It also plays nice with Windows, iOS and Android.

Woojer aims to release the product by 2016's end.

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