Google may have gotten rid of the Chrome logo in the Chromecast Preview Program.

A few weeks ago, Google announced its planned release of the Chromecast Preview Program for Chromecast device owners who want to try out new firmware and feature updates prior to going live in the official releases. Earlier in the week, Chromecast firmware version 1.21.72444 was rolled out in the Chromecast Preview Program.

Why No Chrome Branding?

Those who got their hands on the new firmware, however, revealed that it was almost devoid of all Chrome branding, including the boot up screen. Why did Google remove the Chrome logo that appears during boot up? No one knows except for Google employees themselves.

The only thing certain is that Google replaced the Chrome logo with a "G," which greets users upon boot up. And it's not limited to the boot up screen either. Android Headlines reports that it is present "anywhere from the Google app to numerous other Google services."

Note that remnants of the Chrome branding still lurk within the UI of the new firmware version. It can be seen at the upper portion of the display as the link that sets up Chromecast devices. Other than this, no other instance of the Chrome branding was reported.

Google: 'This Is NOT Beta Software'

Aside from stripping the Chrome branding, Google didn't really preview any new features during the latest version preview release. However, it comes packed with bug fixes and stability improvements that apply to all Chromecast devices (first and second generation Chromecast dongles) and Chromecast Audio devices.

"This is not 'beta' software. Our intention is that Preview Program updates will be of the same quality as production version updates," Google elaborates on the Chromecast Preview Program. "You're simply getting earlier access to new features before they're released broadly."

Chromecast device owners can sign up their devices for the Chromecast Preview Program, including Chromecast Audio. Checking whether the device's firmware has been successfully updated is quite simple.

In the Google Cast app, tap on "Devices," which will populate the list of all connected Chromecast devices. Select the device card of the device that needs its firmware checked. Tap the Menu at the upper right of the device card and proceed to select device settings. At the bottom of the device settings page will be the Cast firmware version.

Bear in mind that the current production firmware version is 1.20.66189. Needless to say, if these numbers appear, the Chromecast device is still not updated to the current Chromecast Preview Program version (1.21.72444 ).

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