MacBook Air 2016 Rumors: Apple Pencil Trackpad, Possible Release Date, Intel Skylake And Everything We Know So Far


Apple has more or less kept mum about the MacBook Air 2016, but that doesn't mean there aren't any rumors and whatnot making rounds online.

While the talks surrounding the thin notebook aren't that many, they are still worth checking out to get an idea of what could be in store, and to get everyone up to speed of what's up, here's a roundup of how the device in question could turn out to be.

Trackpad Compatible With Apple Pencil

To start things off, the MacBook Air 2016 is said to don a trackpad where users can use an improved Apple Pencil on.

Possibly corroborating this is the patent titled "Stylus with inertial sensor," which the Cupertino brand filed back on Nov. 14, 2016.

"Inertial sensor input may be gathered when operating the stylus in one or more inertial sensor input modes such as an air mouse mode, a rotational controller mode, a joystick mode, and/or other inertial sensor input modes," a portion of its description reads.

Good-Bye 11 Inches, Hello 15 Inches

According to TechRadar, Apple is going to change the lineup, doing away with the 11-inch variant for a 15-inch version instead. That means the next iterations of the notebook will generally be larger.

Intel Skylake Under The Hood, But What About Kaby Lake?

Forbes' Brooke Crothers got in touch with Director of Tablet and Notebook PCs at IHS Markit Technology Rhoda Alexander who said that the "inclusion of Kaby Lake chips appears unlikely." In other words, finding Intel Skylake processors under the hoods of the MacBook Air 2016 units is probably going to be the case.

Upgrades Across The Board

To no one's surprise, there are a couple of expected upgrades here and there, including more RAM, improved cooling components and batteries, lighter weight and an even thinner form factor.

On top of all that, it could have a USB Type-C port, and that just makes sense out of the speculations regarding a slimmer design, as it allows the device to shed off a few more millimeters.

September Or October Release Date

Coming again from Crothers, Alexander said that the "products will launch in September or October of 2016." Given that there are only a few days left in September, the public could start seeing the MacBook Air 2016 in a few days or about north of 30 days — under the assumption that this is in fact the case, that is.

Will It Even Materialize, Or Will The MacBook Pro 2016 Take Its Place For Good?

News about Apple ditching the MacBook Air 2016 in favor of the MacBook Pro 2016 made the headlines back in July, but based on Crothers' conversation with Alexander, that may not be the case.

However, it's still worth pointing out that Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that the successor to the MacBook Air is the iPad Pro and that the thin laptop is said to be capable of living on without any update. To put two and two together, the Cupertino brand may not be focusing on the next iteration of the device at all.

The Bottom Line

There you have it: all the fruits of the MacBook Air 2016 rumor mill. As a disclaimer of sorts, all these bits of info should be taken with the usual grain of salt, and until Apple gives an official announcement, everyone's guess is as good as anyone else's. However, these do somewhat paint a picture of the upcoming or killed-off device.

What do you think of the talk in town regarding the notebook? Hit us up in the comments section below, especially about whether or not you want to see any of these features on the Apple-branded laptop — that is, if it'll indeed hit the shelves.

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