Google has just released YouTube Go, a novel app crafted for users who have unreliable internet connections but want to share the fun and informative content of the video-sharing platform.

The app targets emerging markets, such as India, Brazil and China. However, Indian users will be the first to get their hands on the app before global rollout, as their country still has large areas where internet connection is limited or nonexistent.

YouTube Go will make it possible for users to save videos so they can view it offline, with increased customization options over quality and subsequent file size. This will help users have a clearer idea on how much data they will use during a download.

A neat feature of the app is its capability to share videos with nearby users without tapping into the data plan. One core element of YouTube Go is a feature called Smart Offline, something that YouTube released first in India earlier this year.

The main focus during the development of the app was to find a way to bring mobile video to users in a way that is "conscious of their data and connectivity," while maintaining local relevance. This means that, just like the regular YouTube app, YouTube Go will feature trending and popular videos in a specific area.

YouTube Go also allows users to do a quick preview of the video prior to viewing or saving it, which will also save up some data.

Johanna Wright, product management VP at YouTube, explains that the novel app is targeted at the next generation of users who can share and enjoy videos even in adverse connectivity conditions.

"YouTube Go was designed and built from the ground up with insights from India," she says.

Google presented YouTube Go at a Delhi event alongside a few other products tailored to the Indian market. However, most of them are set for worldwide release after a short period of time.

"India gives us early insights into the future of the Internet," says Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, which owns YouTube.

Google says that it learned a lot from the Indian market and acknowledges that connectivity and data constraints often found in the country "can be universal."

If you enjoy mobile videos via YouTube and happen to be in India, sign up for the test version of YouTube Go.

Google is already toying with the idea of making video streaming more user-friendly, and to make that happen it started the YouTube Accelerator pilot program in March this year.

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