Destiny's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, added a new raid last week in the form of "Wrath of the Machine." It took the first Destiny guild a mere 2 hours after the raid went live to complete the whole scenario, and since then one team even managed to finish the raid with only three people.

None of that should really come as a surprise. Destiny players have long proven they know Bungie's shooter inside and out, finding glitches almost from day one in order to make the game easier or gain better loot. What is surprising is that a new exploit found in the "Wrath of the Machine" raid is so painfully simple, it's hard to believe Bungie didn't catch it in the first place.

It mostly just involves sprinting past enemies. As discovered and documented by Destiny player The Lone Wolf, Guardians during the raid's "Siege Engine" segment can bypass the portion of the raid entirely without hardly doing anything at all. Step one, ignore enemies. Step two, run along the right side of the area. Upon reaching the wall at the end, simply jump over the railing to the right and walk through the wall. Come out the other side and continue running. Rinse and repeat. You can watch The Lone Wolf perform the glitch for yourself below.

There is one caveat to skipping a third of the raid in barely a minute: players don't gain the normal loot chest from the encounter, though players do still receive the exotic chest. There's also the fact that you're skipping what is probably one of the coolest parts of any of Destiny's raid, but hey, that's up to you.

It's simply astounding that playtesters at Bungie didn't find that you can simply walk through the encounter's walls in order to skip the Siege Engine segment. Destiny players have gotten so creative in their exploits, and Bungie so creative in fixing them, that it's almost as if the glitch is so simple that Bungie didn't even imagine it possible.

Either way, don't expect the glitch to be around for much longer. It's likely Bungie already has it in its sights and is working on an update right now. If, however, you act quickly, you just might be able to finish the raid in record time.

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