In celebration of the centennial anniversary of Jack London's death, iClassics Collections announced the launch of a new app that allows users to read the author's work like never before.

London is the latest writer whose work is being transformed into more than just words on a page to be an immersive literary experience. iLondon joins iClassics' collection of apps that include iPoe, iLovecraft, iWilde and iDickens.

Like the other apps, the iLondon collection is an interactive app that allows the user to be fully immersed in London's stories thanks to its original soundtrack, moving animations and other special effects.

Developed by the Spanish startup iClassics, iLondon features a curated selection of London's stories including "The Story of Keesh," "Moon-Face" and "The Law of Life" that remain original with no changes or adaptations of his words.

All together this makes up an hour's worth of interactive material, but it's easy to get lost in the tales because of the various elements that help draw the user in. The app features more than 50 illustrations by César Samaniego, Aitor Prieto and David G. Forés, as well as 81 interactive scenes and 87 animations.

Gerard Pastor and Miguel Tejada also created the original soundtrack for iLondon that helps pace the tales and adds that dramatic effect.

For example, in "Moon-Face" the reader hears funhouse-like, light and airy music that brings them back to the 1920s. The music then picks up the tempo as the narrator gets more angry. Added sound effects include John Claverhouse's laugh that can be heard as the reader gets to the part where the narrator is getting more and more fed up with the irritating sound.

The user can also do fun things like spinning the wheel to pick how the narrator will kill Claverhouse, complete with being able to throw a punch in his moon face, jiggling Clavehouse's chubby face and teasing the dog with steak.

To interact with the animations, the user simply taps on the screen to watch the elements come to life. Simply swipe to go to the next screen.

In "The Story of Keesh," the user sees the snow falling, hears the voices of the elders and experiences what it was like to take on the polar bear. The last story, "The Law of Life," allows the user to learn about the life of an elder who is near death as he faces the wolves while feeding his fire. Readers must swipe away the frost to read the words.

Both of these stories are an ode to London's work about the American spirit and its native people.

Readers can download iLondon: The immersive Jack London experience for $2.99 in the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore.

iClassics revealed that the next collection to be released will be based on "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." In the meantime, check out the trailer for the iLondon collection below.

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