By now we should know of Snapchat changing its name to Snap.

This is a huge move that should benefit the company in more ways than one. It could also turn out to be a disaster, but that's unlikely because the change is a marketing genius.

We expect this move to generate more users rather than scare them away. Plus, the new name is easy to repeat, so the marketing guys should have more options available to them.

Here are some reasons why Snapchat's name change to Snap works, and will not transform into a bad idea in the months or years to come.

Simple Rebranding

Rebranding is something a company will eventually feel the need to do. Whether it be of the company name or product names, rebranding will rear its ugly head.

When this happens, it would be great if the new name doesn't derive too far from the original. This is exactly what Snapchat did, and why it will succeed.

Draws Curiosity

When the new name was announced, Evan Spiegel made it clear that more information would be released soon. This has left Snap users and non-users alike wondering what is going on, and what interesting things Snap might highlight in the coming months.

We'll definitely see some important things announced in the future to come, but right now, we can't even speculate.

Complete Control Of Advertising Plans

From the beginning, the folks at Snap had complete control over what is being done to get more people on board the hype train. The first leaked footage released was staged to increase interest.

The company continued to do similar things such as a major news release, then after that, information was highlighted on the official website targeting loyal fans.

Perfect Timing

Let's face it folks, when you're planning to do anything that is important, the timing is crucial. It doesn't matter what you're planning - if it is revealed at the best possible time, then it will be more effective. The company didn't just drop the new Snap name prematurely. Everything was teased, building up fans for something to come, then bam, there it is.

Along with the reveal of the new name, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel also showcased new glasses known as Spectacles. They're similar to Google Glass, but different in other ways as well. We try our best to explain what Spectacles are all about along with the gadget's features and how it works.

Chances are it won't take off on a huge scale, but it could prove if Snap is as popular as many believe it is.

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