Netflix has been quite vocal about its move to create its own digital video content and subscribers have probably noticed a significant increase in these exclusive titles. This focus, however, appears to be affecting the overall list of video content within the company's catalog.

A recent report revealed that, when compared to the available films and television shows in 2012, the Netflix titles today have been drastically reduced by as much as 50 percent.

A blog called Exstreamist has cited several sources in the company claiming that the video streaming service had around 11,000 titles four years ago. Now, the figure is hovering around 5,300 based on data collected by uNoGS as of September.

Netflix has previously stated that it plans to produce as much as 50 percent of its video catalog. This strategy seems to be paying off. A number of exclusive titles became major hits such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. There are even instances when Netflix beats mainstream television networks when it comes to creating high quality television shows. Nonetheless, this success cannot possibly cover the potential risk that could stem from a radically diminished catalog and programming variety.

One should remember, for example, that subscribers tend to create a mighty ruckus every time a popular TV show is canceled. Netflix got a lot of flak in 2013 when it did not renew the rights to stream King of the Hill.

However, Netflix's focus on exclusive titles cannot entirely be faulted for the drastic decline in the content of its video library. The company is also faced by a growing number of major content owners and distributors trying to renegotiate rights. A number of these reportedly declined to give Netflix distribution rights over disagreements in pricing. For instance, Netflix was forced to drop The Get Down because it was said to cost the company $150 million, a figure that Netflix is not willing to pay.

Some quarters could say that despite the dwindling number of titles, Netflix is doing fine. First, while the number got smaller, the quality of the video did not necessarily go down with it. As a matter of fact, it seemed to have improved. Second, Netflix has improved its content suggestion algorithm. This means that the service become more relevant and engaging to its subscribers. All these factors can be demonstrated in the way the company continues to amass subscribers. These past two years alone, Netflix has secured 12 million new U.S. subscribers.

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