Fans of Netflix’s latest breakout series Stranger Things were left with some serious questions at the end of the first season, with one of major ones concerning the fate of Eleven.

The good news is that Stranger Things was renewed for a second season on the platform, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will learn what really happened to her.

While there is a chance she could show up at the boy’s school dance, there is an even greater chance that season two will star the next Eleven.

According to a casting call posted on Backstage, a “major streaming service” is actively looking for a actor or actress for role for an untitled TV series.

The post clearly doesn’t state the streaming service is Netflix, or that it is looking to cast someone in a role like Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown), but there are a few clues that could lead us to this conclusion.

For starters, the first “major” streaming service to pop into anyone’s head is Netflix. But more concrete evidence is that the role description reads “1980s-looking people.” The icing on the cake here is that the TV series is “especially seeking males with longer hair style, and females willing to cut their bangs.”

Since Brown had to shave her head for her role as Eleven, it’s hard not to wonder if series creators the Duffer Brothers are in the search of more characters that are patients in Hawkins National Laboratory.

Since Eleven is not named “One,” there is a good chance there are others like her out there in the Stranger Things world. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the new cast will replace Eleven since the role is for “background / extra.” Eleven is one of the series' most-loved characters, so getting rid of her would be a mistake. Plus, the casting call is looking for actors ages 17 and older, not another kid.

It’s much more likely that since Hopper is working with Hawkins Lab now, he's going to do some more digging to expose more of the stranger experiments that are going on. This is where the fresh faces with new haircuts could come in.

Those thinking it's still a far stretch to assume this is a casting call for Stranger Things, the filming location is in Atlanta, Georgia, which is where a major portion of season one was filmed.

We will have to wait to see what the Duffer Brothers have up their sleeves for the highly anticipated return of the sci-fi series. Stranger Things season two will be released on Netflix in 2017.

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