After getting teased with a taste of Gaga last week, the new episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke that aired on Oct. 5, Wednesday night gave us lots more to digest.

With just very few clues such as her earthy appearance and animal carcass headdress, there has been speculation that Lady Gaga's character could be an cannibalistic wendigo, a witch, a dryad or even a Maenad.

But now we finally have the backstory of who exactly her seductive, yet mysterious character is. (However, we still don't know her name, so we will continue to refer to her as Gaga.)

In "Chapter 4," we see that Shelby (reenactment by Sarah Paulson) was quick to forgive husband Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) for getting in on with Gaga's nymph-like character in the woods. But this first time certainly wasn't the last.

After Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O'Hare) swoops in to save the day from "Mr. Piggy," he explains some of the paranormal activity that is going on, which mainly has to do with a six-day Blood Moon lunar cycle. This leads the three of them into the woods.

While Shelby gets a brief glimpse of Gaga's character in the woods, it's not until Cricket shows up that we dive deeper into who she is. Cricket reveals that after trying to summon The Butcher (Kathy Bates), he met the "witch with the real power," Gaga.

After appearing to blow devil's breath, the "mind control" drug into Cricket's face (something Marie did in Coven), she was then able to take him back centuries, and in turn give us a flashback about The Butcher's ways.

The colonists, especially The Butcher's son Ambrose (Wes Bentley) want to repent and leave Roanoke after watching her kill the child Priscilla as a sacrifice to the gods. Gaga's witch-like character then tells The Butcher to unleash the power of the Blood Moon and make the ultimate sacrifice, killing everyone so that they will forever be tied to the land and can never leave.

It's on this anniversary of the mass killing that the ghosts come out in full force.

While we got to see that Gaga is the evil force whispering in The Butcher's ear, it's late in an encounter with Matt that we learn even more. Cricket made a deal with Gaga that she can have Matt again as a trade for Miller's safety. We learn that Gaga's desires grow stronger with the Blood Moon, and we bet if her urges aren't met, she too will be out for blood.

Cricket's plan is to get rid of the spirits once and for all, but he fails to come back. Instead, Matt falls down the rabbit hole, or should we say bunker, and meets Gaga and the candlelight. He cannot resist her (despite her dirty teeth and whole wildness vibe she has going on). Under her spell, Matt says that he is able to learn her story as she completely opens up to him during their close encounter.

What we know now is that Gaga is an English girl and descendant of the druids who was shipped off to the New World. But after the voyage was plagued during the journey, the men deemed her a witch, imprisoned her and ordered her to be burned at the stake.

However, she was able to seduce her way out and massacre all of the soldiers. She then went off to live in the forest where she still is seducing men, with her sights set on Matt running away with her.

So there we have it. Gaga is a wood witch who is ruthless as she is seductive. We bet she will have lots of spells up her sleeves this season.

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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