There is a really good chance Jessica Lange is coming back to American Horror Story this season.

The Freak Show, Coven, Asylum and Murder House alumni are on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly with AHS showrunner Ryan Murphy, former co-star Sarah Paulson and newcomer this season, Cuba Gooding Jr. This could be a really good sign that she is.

And it's in the interview that Murphy reveals just how Roanoke ties back to season four.

Fans of the series have been teased as to what to expect this season to the point where we can't take it anymore. We want answers.

It has been previously stated that season six will somehow link back to past seasons, and how the worlds are different, yet intertwined. Fan speculation has been that the baby from Murder House could be making the farmhouse comeback.

But now finally the tight-lipped co-creator is opening up about how the two tie together, explaining that My Roanoke Nightmare is connected to Freak Show through the Mott family.

This means we will learn more about the twisted mind of the copycat clown killer Dandy Mott (played by Finn Wittrock). In Roanoke, viewers will be introduced to the Mott family and their origin, which Murphy said has a funny story line to it.