Samsung vs Apple Patent Wars: Apple Wins $120 Million Slide-to-Unlock Patent Case


Samsung can't seem to catch a break these days. The company has made headlines several times over the past month due to exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Now, Apple has managed to win an appeal against Samsung regarding an ongoing legal battle.

Both Apple and Samsung have been in court frequently in the past. Apple recently claimed Samsung had copied the design of its iPhone and, in particular, its Slide to Unlock, autocorrect features, as well as quick links technologies. Samsung was asked to pay Apple $120 million in this patent case, but it was later reversed.

Apple then proceeded to file an appeal against the decision in February this year. The appeal ended in Apple's favor in an 8-3 majority ruling by the appellate court judges.

In an interesting turn of events, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, is asking the judge involved to consider increasing the judgment if it is proven that Samsung intentionally infringed on Apple's patents.

The decision to rule against Apple in February was wrong, the appellate court said on Friday, because of judges making a decision based on issues that were never brought up on appeal. Some of the issues were also beyond trial record, but this time around, the ruling followed substational evidence.

"The jury verdict on each issue is supported by substantial evidence in the record," Circuit Judge Kimberly Moore wrote for the majority.

Another Apple vs Samsung case is expected to be argued by Tuesday. This case will focus on how much money Samsung should pay Apple for allegedly infringing on several patents.

Apple has since gotten rid of the Slide to Unlock feature, but the company has no intention at this time to ease Samsung's suffering.

In August, about 100 designers from around the world decided to support Apple in its lawsuit. These designers included the likes of Calvin Klein, Dieter Rams, and Norman Foster.

Considering how the Federal Circuit Court handles all patent issues in the United States, the ruling could have broad consequences throughout the industry.

One thing is for certain, however, Samsung's problems are only beginning. Already, one person who was badly injured by the Galaxy Note 7 fire has decided to launch a lawsuit.

Furthermore, Samsung's bid to fix the device seems to have failed due to a replacement catching fire on an airplane. The device allegedly released gray and green smoke and ultimately caused the cancellation of the flight.

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