Fans of FOX's Sleepy Hollow already know that there is always some major twist around the corner. And nothing was more shocking when the creators decided to kill off Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) in the season three finale.

But as it turns out, a familiar face will be returning for the new season of the supernatural series that is set to premiere in 2017.

Sorry to disappoint, but it won't be Abbie Mills.

During its panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday, Oct. 9, it was revealed that John Noble will be reviving his role as Henry Parrish in season four.

Noble first joined the cast of Sleepy Hollow in season one as the Sin Eater, who was later found out to be Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Katrina's (Katia Winter) son whose real name was Jeremy.

Katrina had no choice but to leave Jeremy as a baby with friends for his safety, but he found himself in an orphanage after a fire killed his foster parents. Jeremy's doll and protector would become The Golem and kill the head of the orphanage, but Jeremy's heart was stopped by a spell and he was buried for centuries.

That is when Moloch made a deal with him, and we learned that Jeremy was also the Horseman of the Apocalypse.

In season two, Henry/Jeremy is the secondary baddie right behind Moloch. After working alongside Katrina in the episode about the Liberty Bell, Henry/Jeremy finally meets his end after Abbie fires a fatal shot at him.

Now bringing him back from the dead further reminds viewers that anything is possible when it comes to this world of witchcraft and the supernatural.

We don't know exactly how the character will be reintroduced into the story line for season four, but he did make an appearance at the end of a sizzle reel that was presented to fans at Comic Con. The reel shows him in a courtroom scene where he addresses Ichabod.

Also joining the cast will be Abbie's replacement, a new character named Diana Thomas played by Janina Gavankar. And with its new female lead, Sleepy Hollow will get a new location as the story moves to Washington.

As far as the baddies are concerned, Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) will be the main villain, but there will also be the return of the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy Hollow, season four will premiere on FOX in early 2017.

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