The Netgear Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera Delivers 6 Months Of Power On A Single Charge


Netgear is known for its reliable and feature-rich Wi-Fi routers, but the company takes part in other things as well. The company has been dabbling in wireless security cameras as of late, and the newest one, the Arlo Pro, could be the best yet.

Compared to the original Arlo, the Pro in many ways is the same product. It's designed to be placed outside or inside the home, and can record video whenever it picks up any form of motion. Furthermore, the camera can send alerts to a mobile app.

The Pro mode, however, has some major differences. While the original Arlo relies on replaceable batteries to keep going, the Arlo Pro uses rechargeable batteries, so there's no need to go out and purchase new ones. What's interesting about these rechargeable batteries is their ability to power the camera for six months on a single charge.

Being able to charge the battery of the Arlo Pro only twice per year is a huge achievement, but the surprises don't end there.

"Arlo Pro is the result of our singular focus to deliver the most innovative, intelligent and easy-to-use smart security products that uniquely address home and small business security needs," said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products at Netgear. "[One hundred] percent wire-free cameras provide customers with an incredibly easy and powerful way to monitor their entire property."

Netgear revealed via its press release that the Arlo Pro also comes with a microphone and speaker. The microphone is used to allow the camera to record automatically whenever it picks up noise. Meanwhile, the speaker can act as an intercom, allowing the owner to speak with anyone in close proximity to the camera.

To use the intercom feature, the user must have the official app installed on their smartphone.

Important Software Update

The Arlo has a sensor that sends alerts to the owner's smartphone app whenever it picks up movement. This can be a problem at times, hence the need for the new software update.

From what we have come to understand, the new update makes it possible for the Arlo Pro to recognize different objects. If it sees a cat, it won't send an alert, but will do so should a person come within range of the sensors.

While we like what Netgear has done with its wireless camera line, it should be noted that the company's devices are not free from criticism. Back in 2015, hackers were able to compromise Netgear routers because of unpatched security holes.

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