Apple will see an additional 8 million iPhones sold by the end of the year and the company will have Samsung to thank. An analyst believes Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 cancellation will add 8 million iPhones sold to Apple's bottom line this year.

It appears as if Apple is having the last laugh in what was predicted to be low sales of its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Many reports claimed that Apple's new iPhones were going to be widely viewed as boring due to the devices sharing the iPhone 6s design and not the usual two-year design upgrade consumers have gotten used to.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales were also expected to be lower because many tech critics believed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the best smartphone on the market, prior to Samsung just canceling it.

Samsung's unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 problem is going to benefit other smartphone makers. As expected, Apple is poised to see the largest increase from customers who were going to buy or had already purchased the Galaxy Note 7. It also puts into question how Samsung will do with consumer trust.

"With original market expectations for approximately 10-14 million Galaxy Note 7 units in H2:2016 (availability began on August 19), we believe Apple has an opportunity to pick up at least 8 million incremental units in CY:16. Moreover, this fiasco could permanently damage the Samsung brand in the smartphone market, a big opportunity for Apple to gain market share," states Brian White, analyst for Drexel Hamilton.

Sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are reportedly off to record starts at some U.S. carriers, and all four are currently offering free iPhone 7 deals. The pair are in low supply through Apple's online store, with the larger iPhone 7 Plus showing shipping estimates of three to four weeks. iStocknow shows virtually no iPhone 7 Plus availability throughout the entire U.S., although wait times are expected to improve on all models soon.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus use Apple's latest A10 Fusion chip, which is the company's first 64-bit quad-core processor. In addition, the new iPhones become the company's first smartphones to ship with a physical Home button with Touch ID, dual-rear-camera (iPhone 7 Plus) and removal of the standard 3.5mm headphone port. The devices also start out with 32 GB of internal storage and max out at 256 GB.

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