Most of the gadget-loving public already knows that the Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead and Samsung is probably hoping that the device, along with its memory, gets buried deep and sealed for good measure. To facilitate this process, the company has thoughtfully sent owners a special box to ensure that the return of the exploding device will be, well, uneventful.

The packaging, which is now making way to some U.S. customers, has fire-resistant capabilities. This is expected to guarantee that no exploding Note 7s harm vehicles transporting them to drop off centers.

The folks at XDA Developers were able to get their hands on one box, which was then filmed and promptly uploaded in YouTube.

The video shows that the box comes with a pair of latex gloves. In case the packaging did not come with a manual detailing how to use it, the gloves is not for the purpose of handling the smartphone. It serves as a protective gear because the box lining contains materials than can cause skin irritation. It appears that Samsung does not want this risk to fuel another controversy.

Samsung appeals to Note 7 owners to strictly follow the packaging guideline. This includes instructions on how to pack the device inside a static shield. Aside from this, it is also imperative to box it twice before finally putting everything inside the fireproof packaging.

The box became a necessity for Samsung after a Note 7 exploded on a Southwestern flight on Oct. 5 despite the fact that it was turned off. This is not to say, of course, that Note 7 owners will no longer ensure that their devices are turned off before shipping.

There is still no information as of this writing about the shipping providers that are willing to accept the Note 7 shipment. In the United Kingdom, for example, Samsung encountered a problem when the Royal Mail refused to handle the returns. Presently, there is only a warning for U.S. consumers that return packages can only be shipped through ground mail service.

The type of the box that Samsung started shipping could prove to be an additional logistical challenge in the on-going recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices. There is no word yet whether all Note 7 owners will get to receive the same protective packaging. However, Samsung is recalling 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units globally. In addition to the cost of the refund, the South Korean tech company will have to shoulder the additional expense of an equal number of fire-suppressing boxes.

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