Get Recruited And Capture Slimer With The Interactive 'Ghostbusters VR - Now Hiring' Experience For iOS And Android


Users looking to hunt down ghosts this Halloween are in luck because Sony Pictures Entertainment just announced the launch of a new virtual reality mobile game that allows players to be recruited as the next Ghostbuster.

Tied to the release of the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Extended Edition 4K Ultra HD/ Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack that hit shelves on Thursday, Oct. 13, the mobile game Ghostbusters VR - Now Hiring puts the player inside the world of the movie to capture ghosts for themselves.

"The VR mobile experience is a fun, interactive experience that will delight the ultimate Ghostbusters fan and collector who can get it for free with their purchase of the 4K UHD/3D/BD combo pack," Lexine Wong, senior executive vice president of worldwide marketing said in a press release. "The 4K version is already loaded with hours of additional content to explore, and the VR experience brings a whole new level of enjoyment to consumers."

Those who pick up a copy of the combo pack simply enter in a code to start playing the VR experience on their iOS or Android devices. Users have the option of exploring the experience in VR with Google Cardboard or Merge VR Goggles or in 360 video mode.

Players are instructed to look down (and tap) on the ground to move throughout the world. They are first tasked with entering the fire station headquarters of the crew where they can get a good look around. This includes hopping in the Ghostbusters vehicle and walking over to the dry erase board to get the next set of instructions.

The user will then have to collect parts and assemble their own proton pack. Once done, they are instructed to investigate the lockers to release and then capture Slimer, the green ghost. Aim and shoot to trap him, making sure to safely put him in the Ghost Containment Unity located in the basement.

Along with this VR experience, users can check out more Ghostbusters content like set photos and play the trailer for the movie.

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, this female-led film is a reboot to the popular 1984 supernatural blockbuster about paranormal investigators tasked with saving the city from the ghosts and demons.

Ghostbusters VR - Now Hiring is available to download for iOS and Android for free with a code with the Blu-ray Combo Pack or can be purchased as a stand-alone game for $4.99.

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