Even after getting discontinued, the Galaxy Note 7 still gets tied to all the recent negative PR that Samsung is receiving.

A dissatisfied Samsung customer took to Reddit after the South Korean electronics manufacturer denied his/her request to return a Gear VR headset that was bought in conjunction with a purchase of the Galaxy Note 7.

Reddit user "agolightly" previously had an older model of the virtual reality headset, which was used together with a Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 was traded in for a Galaxy Note 7 through AT&T. Having the Note 7 instead of the S6 meant an upgrade to a newer model of the Gear VR.

The Reddit user purchased a newer Gear VR unit from Samsung right after the trade in for a Note 7 was back in August. However, the Note 7 was later returned to AT&T after Samsung issued a recall. The Redditor was issued a replacement Note 7 unit, which also turned out to be defective.

On Oct. 13, the Redditor called Samsung and informed them of the intent to return the Gear VR headset since he/she was no longer interested in purchasing a Samsung phone.

In response, Samsung gave the customer a callback ticket and was told that a representative would contact him regarding the issue.

"A service rep named Melissa just called me back — and explained that they will NOT be accepting my return of the Gear VR — as 'it is supported by other Samsung phones — and I am outside of the 30 day return window,'" details the Reddit post.

According to "agolightly" the headset was only used twice. Moreover, the customer also takes issue with Samsung's reasoning that the Gear VR works with other Samsung devices. According to the Redditor Samsung is functioning under the assumption that he/she has another flagship Samsung device.

Note that the Gear VR uses a micro USB connector that is backward compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, S7 and S7 edge.

"Samsung, I don't want another Samsung phone ... I want you to give me my $100 back for an accessory that effectively strapped a bomb to my face," the Reddit post said.

The Redditor says that all he/she asks for is an extension of the 30-day window for returning the headset, and argues that the 30-day window would have been met had the company just recalled the Note 7 unit instead of issuing a defective replacement.

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