Last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk teased that on Oct. 17, he will be making a big announcement on a new product that is "unexpected by most."

There have been many guesses on what Musk will unveil as the newest product of Tesla Motors. Theories include Autopilot 2.0 with drastic improvements to the controversial driver assistance technology, a new home energy storage system similar to the Powerwall batteries and an entirely new electric vehicle named the Model Y.

Tesla Motors fans looking forward to the big announcement, however, will have to wait a bit longer.

With the unveiling of the unexpected Tesla Motors product pushed back to Oct. 19, Twitter users replied en masse to Musk's tweet, offering a wide range of reactions that include disappointment, understanding and rage.

It is not clear, however, what Musk meant by "refinement," but in any case, it does not give any more clarity on what Tesla Motors has in store for the world.

The announcement of the new product comes before the shareholders of Tesla Motors and SolarCity, also owned by Musk, come together to vote on the proposed $2.6 billion merger of the two companies. It is entirely possible that Musk will be announcing a product that combines the capabilities of the two companies before they officially merge, though that might not sit well with shareholders.

The unveiling will also come at a time when Tesla Motors is on the receiving end of a lot of criticism. Germany's Federal Motor Authority issued a warning letter to all owners of the company's electric vehicles in the country to keep their attention on the road while the Autopilot system is activated. The country's government has also asked Tesla Motors to change the name of the technology, as it gives drivers the false idea that they can leave all the driving to the car when Autopilot is turned on.

Maserati engineering chief Roberto Fedeli also had some words to say recently against Tesla Motors, stating that while the company has been able to sell 50,000 electric cars per year, the vehicles are not the best ones in the market. Fedeli claims that the solutions that Tesla Motors provides to its customers are lackluster and that the quality and execution of the company's cars are only at the level of what the famed automakers of Germany were already capable of back in the 1970s.

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