For gamers, a mouse is a critical gear that impacts the gaming experience. Mad Catz recognizes this, that is why it has been painstakingly developing its range of RAT gaming mice, and it has just been unleashed into the wilds on Oct. 17.

The RAT mice range, which includes RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RATPRO S+ and RAT PRO X+, was launched in August to a great fanfare. The entire set, except for the last two, is now available for purchase in retail stores and distributors.

"The steady increment of features and performance throughout the new range, from the RAT1 all the way to the RAT PRO X+, provides gamers and enthusiasts of all levels a choice of peripherals to match the level and overall sophistication of their gaming rig," Andrew Young, chief technology officer at Mad Catz, said in a press statement.

Young is right to be quite enthusiastic. The entire range offers a systematic and high-tailored mouse-specific features that will surely cover the diversity of gamers' requirements. RAT1, for example, is the most basic, serving as an entry-level peripheral for new gamers. The RAT8 should satisfy the most discriminating player with its massive maximum 8,200 DPI and aluminum chassis.

The RAT Pro S+ and Pro X+, which will only hit the stores by March next year, are modular. This means that users will be able to swap parts such as the thumb rest, palm rest, scroll wheel, glide feet and sensors, among others, in order to suit a specific playing style and even provide actual gaming advantages.

All mice in the RAT range feature cutting-edge sensors that allow fast reaction times, user commands and better button configurations. Mad Catz touts its so-called precision engineering and manufacturing process, which enables the manufacture of pioneering components.

For example, the scrolling wheel works by using either laser or optical technology with analogue axis capability. This new design allows for precise calibration and wheel swapping. A notable scrolling wheel module for the $200 Pro X+ involves the analog strafe, which can enable gamers to do additional moves and skills such as peek from behind cover or circle strafing enemies.

The range is also equipped with Kameleon RGB Technology, which involves smart lighting that could produce up to 16.8 million illumination effects. Each mouse will also ship with a dedicated software that will allow users to toggle sensors, macro buttons and the LED lights for highly unique experience.

Will one or the entire RAT mice range make it to our list of best gaming mice to buy this year? Stay tuned to find out. 

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