Some players can never get enough Fallout 4. Even after two major add-ons and a number of smaller ones for Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG, there are still plenty of Fallout 4 fans who are craving more adventures set in the Wasteland.

It seemed like those adventures had finally come to an end in August when Bethesda released the game's Nuka-World DLC, which Bethesda stated numerous times would be the last piece of DLC for the game.

That, however, doesn't explain a recent unannounced Fallout 4 listing discovered via SteamDB a few days ago. SteamDB is a way for users to explore the various applications and packages that make up Valve's Steam client. In this case Reddit user HarraReeves_ used Steam DB to discover a new, hidden listing on Steam's Fallout 4 DLC page.

Though the listing doesn't have a name (it appears only as Unknown App 540810), many players have already assumed it to mean more DLC is on the way, despite Bethesda's previous claims that Nuka-World would be the last add-on for the title. While it would be strange for Bethesda to go back on its word, stranger things have happened. If that is the case, it remains to be seen if it's another major expansion like Nuka-World or a smaller DLC add-on like the various Workshop DLCs.

Bethesda, for what it's worth, continues to insist that the listing is not new DLC at all. Pete Hines, Bethesda's vice president of PR and marketing, even said so directly to users on Twitter after receiving questions about the listing.

When asked "You do not confirm or deny that is a new dlc. Nuka was the last dlc released but there is a chance to be something," Hines responded by tweeting that he has said repeatedly that the listing in question is not DLC related.

But if it's not DLC, what is it? Many fans have pointed out that it could be Bethesda adding VR support to the game, something the developer has previously mentioned. But that too doesn't exactly match up with what Bethesda has said previously, as Hines himself made it seem as if Fallout 4 VR would be a completely separate game from that of standard Fallout 4.

The answer as to what the mysterious DLC listing is continues. Hopefully Bethesda will make an official announcement of some kind soon.

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