Get A Detailed Look At Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC With This Official Theme Park Map


Fallout 4's last major piece of DLC will take players to Nuka World, a massive Nuka-Cola theme park currently occupied by various raider factions. It's set to be the game's biggest piece of additional content to date, and now Bethesda is giving fans a more detailed look at the theme park players will soon call home.

The park is broken down into a number of unique districts: Safari Adventure, World of Refreshment, Kiddie Kingdom, Dry Rock Gulch, Galactic Zone and Nuka-Town USA. In that way, Nuka World will provide several distinct experiences. Galactic Zone is the DLC's throwback to classic sci-fi, while Dry Rock Gulch is a take on the wild, wild west.

The detailed map shows how all the various districts are connected and some of the major attractions players can expect to explore when the DLC arrives later this month. There are various roller coasters (like Mad Mulligan's minecart coaster in Dry Rock Gulch), a number of theaters, restaurants, a fun house, an arcade located in Nuka-Town USA and the Robco Battlezone located in the Galactic Zone. And that's just a few of the park's many, many attractions. Here's Bethesda's official description for the DLC:

"Located in a new area of the Commonwealth, Nuka-World is a magical place where dreams come true. Or ... they used to. The park itself isn't looking its best these days. Raiders and strange new creatures have made their homes in the various zones of the park, making it less-than-ideal for a family-friendly vacation. But that just means it's all yours for the taking. Unite the Raider gangs under your banner and clear out the park to claim it for your own. Experience life on the other side and become the most feared and respected Raider Overboss in the Commonwealth."

Best of all, players can snag one of these maps for real by visiting their local GameStop or EB Games. Pretty cool, huh? Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC is set to release on Aug. 30 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be available stand-alone for an expected $25 or as part of the game's $50 season pass. You can read more about the DLC, and check out a trailer, here. Though Nuka World will be the last major piece of DLC for the game, there are still mods to look forward to for players on the PlayStation 4. The mods are expected to arrive later this year.

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