Fans have been obsessing over all the new Pokémon set to arrive in Pokémon Sun & Moon, with Nintendo lifting the veil off the game's new creatures slowly but surely over the past few months.

While there are still a few weeks left until the game's official release, the game's demo is out right now, and fans have wasted no time in exploring its code for any and all new information.

Spoilers for Pokémon Sun & Moon below! You have been warned!

Data miners have discovered a number of previously unannounced pocket monsters within the code of the recently released Pokémon Sun & Moon demo. Chief among them are the final forms of the game's starter Pokémon Rowlet, Litten and Poppolio. These forms leaked online earlier this year, and this data mine confirms that the leak was indeed accurate. Litten turns into a fearsome, bipedal cat, Rowlet wields a leaf bow and arrow and Poppolio doubles down on its feminine seal appearance.

For those wondering what each starter's final evolution types would be, there is good news. Many a fan has worried that Litten's final form would once again be Fire/Fighting, a type combination that has been used for multiple Fire starters in past entries. That, however, isn't the case here. Litten's final form will be Fire/Dark (hooray!), while Rowlet's final evolution will be Grass/Flying and Poppolio's will be Water/Fairy.

In addition to the reveal of the final starter forms, a number of new Alola forms have also been revealed via the data mine. Geodude and Golem are getting new forms, as is Meowth's evolution Persian. There's also a special new version of Pikachu, which can be seen wearing various hats.

As if that wasn't enough, the data mine also reveals more mysterious Ultra Beasts that players will be able to capture. It appears as if the final game will include eight of the creatures, with three of them previously being announced. The cherry on top is that each legendary Pokémon this time around will have pre-evolutions, a first for the series.

There's plenty more information contained within the data mine, so be sure to check out the videos above for more information. Pokémon Sun & Moon releases on Nov. 18 for Nintendo 3DS.

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