Playing video games is a popular pastime for many people around the world. For some, it's extremely competitive, which is why any tool to aid in legally having the end over competitors is most welcome.

First person shooters such as Counter-Strike are very competitive. Players will need to know where they are on the map, the location of their teammates, and even the amount of ammunition available in their weapon, and most importantly, where the enemies are located.

It's not the easiest things to keep track of, but with a little help, things could be easier to manage. This is where the OmniWear Arc comes into play, an unusual neckband that is now making the rounds on Kickstarter. The device is capable of notifying users of certain aspects happening within a game by vibrating.

Vibration isn't new in gaming, as we all should know by now. Video game system controllers have been vibrating for quite some time, and that is something that is likely to continue for decades to come.

The vibrations are known as haptic feedback, but this technology has never been used to provide valuable information in-game. The OmniWear Arc is all about changing this for the better.

Once the Arc neckband is around the neck of the player, vibrations allow the gamer to know if an enemy is nearby. If an enemy is behind, the player should feel vibrations from the back of their neck. If they approach from either the left or the right, well, you should get where this is going.

The plan here is to have a system where players know what is going around them without having to take their eyes away from the screen.

"Haptics have traditionally been used in devices like phones and game controllers to make them rumble and vibrate. But we are doing something new," according to the company's Kickstarter page. "The Arc uses haptics to communicate where objects are located around you, providing a deeper and more intuitive awareness of your surroundings."

We should point out that the Arc doesn't connect to the computer in any form. It connects to an app that sits on a mobile phone. Furthermore, the supported games are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. The creators are planning to support other games in the future.

As it stands right now, the creators require a pledge of $75,000 to get things up and running. Devices won't be shipped to backers until late 2017, estimated.

Before pledging, bear in mind that things could go sour with development, so be certain in order to have a better chance of not making a terrible mistake.

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