There are two types of iMessage users post-iOS 10: those who can't get enough of the effects in the messaging app and those who can't take seeing another celebration happen in their chats again.

For the latter group, there has previously been the ability to turn off the in-your-face party time effects in iMessage to prevent developing a migraine after having a conversation.

Too bad that this is not the case after updating to 10.1.

With the launch of iOS 10, iMessage got a face lift to become a whole lot more interactive. This includes being able to add effects like Invisible Ink, having text Slam, be Loud, Gentle, or having balloons and confetti released to name a few.

But those who wanted to keep business as usual in their chats had the option of disabling this effects by toggling off "Reduce Motion."

By going into the user's Settings and turning Reduce Motion off, the user could no longer use or see the new iMessage effects. However, they would still be able to send stickers and access the iMessage App Store and its titles.

That's all changed with the latest version of the iPhone's OS, so users might want to hold off on updating for now.

According to the patch notes for iOS 10.1, among the changes to iMessage include the fact that now effects can play even with Reduce Motion enabled.

It's not clear why Apple had a change of heart with allowing users to disable this feature, but it appears like now users have no choice but enjoy the animations.

The update also brings with it the new option to replay bubble and full screen effects, much to the delight of those who love these new features.

iOS 10 for iMessage also fixes a bug where contact names appear incorrectly, as well as the bug where Messages opens to a white screen.

Apple has also addressed an "issue that could prevent the report junk option form displaying with unknown senders," and iOS "fixes an issue where videos captured and sent in the Messages app could be missing audio."

Apple released iOS 10.1 on Monday, which most notably features the anticipated Portrait Camera for the iPhone 7 Plus that taps not its telephoto lens to create a depth-of-field for professional looking photos.

iOS 10.1 is available for the iPhone 5 and newer models, the fourth-generation iPad and newer, the iPad Mini 2 and newer, the iPad Pro and the sixth-generation iPod Touch. 

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