Xbox One S Holiday Bundles: Gears Of War 4, Minecraft Favorites, Battlefield 1 Bundles And More


Microsoft is preparing for the holiday season as it seeks to one up the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro with the Xbox One S. The company has managed to keep ahead of the Sony consoles for three months, but the holidays will be testing.

In order to walk away victorious this holiday 2016, Microsoft needs not one but several Xbox One S bundles, and that's exactly what the company has decided to do.

According to the latest report from Microsoft via Xbox Wire, there will be eight Xbox One S bundles this holiday. Microsoft is trying to have a package and a price point for everybody as it seeks to turn the tide of the war.

We're not sure if this will run throughout the holiday or until stocks last, so when they become available, interested parties should pick them up as soon as possible.

Xbox One S Holiday Bundles To Choose From

Now, in terms of the bundles themselves, there will be a $299 option. This will be the Gears of War 4 Special Edition Bundle, which is a blue Xbox One S coupled with a 500 GB hard drive and a physical copy of the game. Bear in mind that physical copies of games will not give the owners access to the Xbox Play Anywhere bonus.

Next up, we have the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle that will cost $349 at retail. It has a 1 TB hard drive and comes in military green. As expected, there's a copy of Battlefield 1, but it won't be digital.

In terms of the other bundles, consumers can get one with Minecraft and another with FIFA 17. The hard drive space for all bundles range from 500 GB to 2 TB, but from what we can tell, the 2 TB bundle only comes with Gears of War 4.

Microsoft also talked about getting a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription for free. Furthermore, consumers can get $20 toward purchasing Gears of War 4. Bear in mind the free Xbox Live Gold subscription will run from now until Oct. 29, while the $20 free gift card will run until Nov. 11.

Microsoft will want to sell as much Xbox One S consoles as it can before the launch of the PS4 Pro and the Nintendo Switch. The PS4 Pro will likely turn out to be successful, but the Switch, well, it's difficult to predict how things will turn out. Nintendo consoles are unpredictable, but we have until March 2017 to find out.

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