LOOK: Xiaomi Bendable Touchscreen Display Impresses In This Video


When it comes to smartphone innovations, bendable or foldable screen displays almost always get mentioned. Some companies are working on concepts for devices with such unconventional screens.

One of these companies is said to be Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer is reportedly making smartphones as thin as cardboard, which would come with a bendable touchscreen display or unique shape.

A number of photos and a 30-second video clip have even surfaced online showing a device with a foldable touchscreen display being used. Astoundingly, the rumored device is running Xiaomi's latest operating system, the MIUI 8.

There are still no concrete details regarding the smartphone or any rumored release date. The video only showed an interesting concept that Xiaomi could be planning for its upcoming generations of smartphones.

Additionally, the video showed a person scrolling through the apps on the bendable touchscreen display. And from the looks of it, the video does not exactly show how the screen is powered.

What is clear for now is that smartphone and home appliance manufacturer Xiaomi has not yet released an official statement and commented on the alleged leaked video. It is most likely not coming out soon as the Xioami Mi Note 2 rumors point to the device having a curved display that closely resembles Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge and piped-down Galaxy Note 7.

The Future Of Bendable Touchscreen Display

Tech giants like LG and Samsung have purportedly been working on flexible screen displays for quite some time.

LG has launched its G Flex and G Flex 2, both of which boast flexible screens. Albeit not entirely foldable, the aforementioned gadgets were able to provide customers of what the future of the smartphones could be like.

Earlier this year, Lenovo showed off its version of a foldable tablet and smartphone on its Tech World event. Apple, as well, was said to have been granted patents to manufacture gadgets with flexible displays. So many were surprised that the Chinese brand appears to be the first to have created a phone with an actual foldable touchscreen display.

The Setback For Foldable Touchscreen Displays

Perhaps one of, if not, the biggest reasons smartphone makers have not yet unveiled their version of a device with flexible screen displays is because of the high manufacturing costs as compared to making flat screen displays.

Another concern is that gadgets with such display technology could have a shorter overall lifespan due to the possibilities of repeated bending. Also, there is the difficulty of finding essential components such as batteries that are as flexible as the display.

In lieu with this, it was reported that Samsung could be releasing two smartphones with bendable OLED screens next year. One handset can be folded in half while the other sports a 5-inch display that expands to 8 inches when unfolded.

What the future for this flexible smartphone touchscreen displays still remains to be seen. For now, it is highly recommended to take these rumors with a grain of salt until official statements have been released.

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