iPhone 6 has a flexible display? Some users are reporting bending screens


Not too long ago the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus finally became available, and within hours, the devices were sold out at every store that launched the handsets. Fans were happy, but some might not be after they find out the iPhone 6 is capable being bent if enough force is used.

We doubt a lot of user will come across this situation, but for the good of all, it is best if everyone who owns an iPhone and potential owners have an idea of what they are up against here.

The issue at the moment only appears to affect the iPhone 6 Plus, the larger of the two iPhone 6 devices. A video blogger on YouTube performed a difficult task when he chose to bend his brand new iPhone 6 Plus just to find out if it was possible. He made the attempt, and to our surprise, the device began to change shape right before our eyes.

Bear in mind that he had to use considerable force to bend the iPhone 6, so there is a chance it might bend during regular use or everyday problems in the pocket. However, we can't bypass the fact that some users had reported this problem long before the YouTube blogger chose to test it out for himself.

One alleged iPhone 6 Plus user on Twitter, uploaded an image that clearly shows a bended device. The user claimed this happened after sitting on the device, a sure fire way to destroy even the toughest of thin smartphones.

It is not clear at the moment if this is a widespread issue, but already folks on Twitter are classing the problem as "Bendgate."

Every year Apple launches an iPhone; there is always an issue that takes headlines across the Internet. The most notorious issue is the one and only "Antennagate," where users had to hold their iPhone a certain way or else they would lose network signal. It was all due to a simple design decision by Apple, and it turned out to be a nightmare.

Several users had to get cases for their iPhone at the time to hold it normally.

At the moment though, it doesn't appear as if Bendgate will get very far, as reports are quite low. However, if things change, Apple could have another expensive issue on its hands.

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