Warning! This episode contains spoilers for 'American Horror Story: Roanoke' Chapter 7. Read at your own risk.

Now that we are well into the established twist of this season's American Horror Story, things started to really get real for the actors and the Millers who are staying in the house during last night's episode.

In fact, things really did spiral out of the control fast in "Chapter 7," as more and more characters were killed—and it was only the first night of the Blood Moon.

But just wait because the death toll is just going to keep on climbing.

While we know for sure that everyone associated with the show who was on the property died mysteriously—well, all besides one—what fans are now left guessing is who will next to get the ax (or meat cleaver in this case).

It was one gory and shocker of an episode last night, especially since we learned that Matt (Andre Holland) really came back to the house for Lady Gaga's Scathach, and Shelby (Lily Rabe) was not having any of that. While he suffered a brutal fate at the hands of his ex, fans also got to see what happen to the Rory's (Evan Peters) body (it wasn't pretty), and the crazy Butcher actress (Kathy Bates) got butchered by the real ghost Butcher.

That means the only ones who are "safe" right now are Lee (Adina Porter), Monet (Angela Bassett) and Audrey (Sarah Paulson). Then again, they are with the cannibalistic hillbillies so they aren't out of the woods just yet.

And according to the promo for next week's episode, fans will get to see lots more hillbilly action, and they aren't as dumb as the actors may think they are. For one thing, they know about the show since they are "part of the United States" and "get TV."

While Lee and Audrey appear to continue to be frightened out of their minds, back at the house Piggy Man makes a comeback so expect there to be lots more bloodshed.

Audrey is seen back at the house, so our guess is that Lee is the next to die and then probably Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr.) because the bad guy always deserves what's coming to them. That would leave Shelby and Audrey in the house, which would be an interesting dynamic. But only the real Shelby probably has what it takes to survive the house of horrors again. We will have to wait to see if she is the one who makes it until the end.

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX. Check out the teaser for "Chapter 8" below.

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