Warning! This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke "Chapter 6."

There were two versions of American Horror Story on Wednesday night: the final presidential debate along with a new chapter of Roanoke on FX. And those who decided to tune out the politics, or catch the new episode that replayed after were probably not disappointed to find out the new direction this season is now heading.

Audiences learned in last week's "Chapter 5" that Shelby and Matt Miller were able to escape the property with Lee and Flora, never looking back - even though Shelby said The Butcher still haunts her to this day.

The promo for "Chapter 6" teased that Cheyenne Jackson's character was the one behind the TV production and was keeping the cameras rolling. Co-creator Ryan Murphy also revealed that Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates would all take on new roles.

And this is exactly what we saw during the new episode.

We are further introduced to Sidney (played by Jackson), the producer for My Roanoke Nightmare, and his plans to launch a season two after the first season became insanely popular with more than 20 million viewers.

We see him pitch the second season as Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell, a hidden camera reality show where both the real-life Millers and the reenactment actors would be locked in the Roanoke house for the three days of the Blood Moon.

It turns out the big AHS twist is that it's really about a reality show about the show we previously learned the story about. Talk about going down the rabbit hole of Inception where the actors who were playing actors are now actors playing themselves in a new series.

That means Sarah Paulson is now playing Audrey Tindall, the actress that played Lily Rabe's character Shelby Miller. Interestingly enough, the real Shelby (Rabe) has an affair with Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who is the Matt Miller actor.

While the Millers split up, Audrey marries the younger actor Rory Monahan (Evan Peters), and Kathy Bates' character Agnes Mary Winstead goes crazy after playing The Butcher.

Now that the new roles are established, all these characters (besides Agnes) are now in the house where spooky things are already occurring. However, Sidney did make sure that the house is set up to give them lots of scares throughout their stay.

But just because he is trying to stage the hauntings to get real reactions from his new cast, doesn't mean that things are going to get bloody in real life in the house.

In fact, just when we get Peters in a new role as the adorably hyper redhead actor, he is killed off by the murder sisters. While they finally got their "R" for Rory, we can't help but feel cheated that each time we get to see Peters, he is given the ax this season.

To make viewers feel better, it is revealed that all the participants in the series (even Diana Cross apparently) die under mysterious circumstances over the next three days, which will lead up to the next big twist at episode 10. However, all died but one.

With the cast given phones to record their own perspective from their time in the house, the promo for next week's "Chapter 7" further shows that they will be scared straight. Things are going to get get really real for this reality series.

Gooding Jr. now gets to be the bad guy, as his character says in the confessional, while the real life Millers have a moment together since their bad breakup.

The real Millers continue to convince the actors that what is happening in real, with Sidney pulling the strings safety from his trailer.

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX. Check out next week's promo below.

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