T-Mobile has a hot Google Pixel offer in place, offering $325 in bill credit to those who bring their unlocked Pixel and get on board with T-Mobile One.

The move is a slap in Verizon's face, as Big Red is the exclusive carrier for the Google Pixel. Exclusivity or not, T-Mobile found a way around it and it's bound to turn some heads with this attractive offer. T-Mobile further highlights that Verizon's exclusivity doesn't mean users can only buy and use the Pixel with Verizon.

"Don't let the 'exclusive' advertisements fool you, the Pixel phone is tested and proven to be fantastic on our lightning fast network, and we want to help you get the best of both worlds!" says T-Mobile president and CEO, John Legere. "I'm a huge fan of what Google has done with the Pixel and now consumers can use it the way it should be used — with truly unlimited data on the fastest 4G LTE network in America!"

Getting $325 back in bill credits when bringing your unlocked Google Pixel to T-Mobile essentially means paying half-price for the smartphone and marks the best Google Pixel deal so far.

To take advantage of this deal, get your unlocked Google Pixel and sign up for a T-Mobile One plan (post-paid only), show proof of purchase through the carrier's promotional website and watch the money rolling in — just not all at once. You'll get $13.55 in bill credit each month, adding up to $325.20 over two years.

It's worth pointing out that T-Mobile's proof of purchase requirement might make it tricky for those who purchased the Google Pixel second hand to take advantage of this offer.

At the same time, agreeing to tap this offer means you also agree to ride on T-Mobile's One "unlimited" plan, which has stirred some controversy over its throttling practices.

T-Mobile recently agreed to settle with the FCC and pay a hefty fine for misleading unlimited data plan customers, since it's plan was "unlimited" only up to a certain threshold.

All things considered, however, the new T-Mobile Pixel deal is pretty attractive, and it makes sense why the Uncarrier can't offer the smartphone on a device payment plan. T-Mobile is not selling the Pixel smartphones itself, so it's only option is to offer hot deals to those who purchase their Pixel elsewhere (Verizon, Google Store) and bring it to its network.

If you were already thinking of joining T-Mobile and were mulling whether to buy the expensive new Google Pixel, this deal may be one of the best available. T-Mobile says this is a limited-time offer, but doesn't mention the deadline.

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