The new Google Pixel phones are out and about and are currently among the hottest devices on the market, but how durable are they? Can they withstand water?

Current smartphones generally sport at least some degree of water and dust resistance to ensure they are durable enough to be worth the investment, but the new Google Pixel hardly makes any claims in this area. In fact, the Google Pixel is quite lacking in its ability to withstand the elements, at least on paper.

Google equipped the smartphone with a meager IP53 rating, which means that technically it's not really meant to withstand even splashes of water. That IP53 certification implies that it would be best to keep the device from any water, be it rain or some other source, unless it's properly wrapped up in a protective, waterproof case.

That said, real world testing doesn't always agree with the claims made on paper. While some make attractive claims and the device actually performs worse, Google makes virtually no claims in terms of water resistance yet if its Pixel phone may in fact be more durable than indicated.

YouTuber Harris Craycraft decided to see for himself if the Google Pixel is water resistant or not, so he put the smartphone to the test and had a pleasant surprise. After a mild start with the smartphone in a puddle, the test eventually ends up with the Google Pixel spending a 30 minutes completely submerged in water.

Despite having only an IP53 rating, which should mean virtually no water resistance with submersion, the Google Pixel seems to come out unscathed from its 30-minute bath. Even after spending that time completely submerged, the smartphone works without any hiccups and doesn't show any sign of water damage at all. Both the speaker and charger worked properly after the dunk.

Taking things to the next level, another YouTuber, Jonathan Morrison, kept the Google Pixel underwater for a full hour. The smartphone survived this test as well, although its speaker was affected.

Needless to mention, this should not be taken as a guarantee that the Google Pixel is waterproof, so do not try this at home. These independently-conducted tests simply aims to demonstrate that should the Google Pixel find itself in a predicament involving water, it might not be the end of the world. The phone might survive a splash, spill, or bath, but this does not mean that it's fully water resistant and no water damage may ever occur.

Nevertheless, the videos suggests that Google Pixel owners might get more than they bargained for - in a good way.

Without further ado, check out the videos below to see the Google Pixel waterproof tests.

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