A hybrid bobcat named Rocky, which has repeatedly escaped from his enclosure in his owner's home, is once again on the loose in New Jersey.

Rocky, a declawed male feline that is thought to be a hybrid between a bobcat and a Maine Coon cat, escaped from his owner Ginny Fine's home in Beach Haven West, as was reported by a neighbor on the morning of Oct. 21.

Animal control officers are currently searching for the missing, 38-pound feline, which has been the topic of several court cases, a DNA test and massive publicity after his several escapes from Fine's home.

The authorities spotted Rocky on the same day that he was reported to have escaped in the area around Matilda Drive and Newell Avenue, which is in the Village Harbor section of the Stafford Township. However, Rocky was able to escape by running into the woods, according to Capt. Thomas Delane.

The captain revealed that the animal control officers have prepared humane traps to capture Rocky. If the traps prove successful, Rocky will be taken not to Fine's home but to the Popcorn Park Zoo of the Associated Humane Societies in Lacey Township, and will be kept there as the date for a court hearing is prepared.

"Anyone who sees him should contact the police department immediately, and we'll see if we can round him up," Delane said.

Fine once again received charges for allowing the hybrid bobcat to escape and will be facing a hearing at the Municipal Court on Dec. 5.

In a previous Sept. 12 court hearing, Fine promised to keep Rocky within her home and agreed to the proposal that if the feline was to escape again, her pet would be turned over to the Popcorn Park Zoo.

Municipal Court Judge Damian Murray previously said that Rocky had previously escaped at least six times, with four of the incidents landing Fine inside the courtroom.

In April, Murray had a DNA test to be done on Rocky, after suspicions by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife that Rocky was a pure bobcat. If Rocky is proven to be one, a special permit for him would be required, which would force Fine to let go of Rocky.

In a May 16 hearing, Murray allowed Fine to take back Rocky after testing proved that the feline's mother was a bobcat, but the results for the father were inconclusive.

Rocky broke out again on May 31 and July 6, and in a Sept. 12 hearing, Fine said that she improved Rocky's enclosure to ensure that he will not escape again.

However, Rocky has once again escaped, which will land Fine back in court with further penalties and restitution to be paid.

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