Beware, iPhone users: the latest update to the Facebook app, which was released last Oct. 20, is causing crashes in some devices. The iPhones would then reboot, but will then get stuck in the Apple logo.

The crashes apparently happen upon launching the download for the Facebook app update, and not while the app is open and being used. So far, the models that have been reported to be affected by the issue are the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s.

The issue was first heard by Business Insider from a Genius in an Apple Store, who said that there were a lot of customers who dropped by with the same issue last week. He checked with five other Apple Stores, which also saw several such incidents, and they came to the conclusion that the crashes and stuck reboots happened after the iPhone users started to update their Facebook apps.

Apple and Facebook have not yet responded to a request for comments and more information regarding the incident.

How To Fix It

There are several threads that have been launched on the support forums of Apple regarding the problem, most of which recommend a fix that seems to have worked for all users who have tried it.

If you are one of the unlucky iPhone users who has been hit with the crash and stuck reboot after updating the Facebook app, the way to fix the problem is restore the device using Apple's iTunes.

Users should plug their iPhone into a PC or Mac with iTunes installed through a USB cable. The software will then guide the user through the process of restoring the smartphone.

Unfortunately, the method might cause the user to lose certain data that have been stored on their iPhone such as pictures. However, if you are one of those users who diligently make cloud backups, then this should not be a problem.

Another Recent iPhone Problem

In addition to the latest Facebook app update causing crashes to iPhones, another recent software problem that has been flagged is the update to iOS 10.1.

While the update to Apple's mobile operating system added new features and improvements, there are certain users who have experienced drops in the performance of their iPhone or iPad upon moving from iOS 10 to iOS 10.1.

To fix the problem, users can try downgrading their iPhone or iPad back to iOS 10. Here is the process on how users can downgrade their devices.

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