Facebook is making it even easier for users to get things done and find the services they need thanks to its new features.

Focusing on a way for users to complete tasks without having to leave the platform, the social media company announced on Wednesday, Oct. 19 the ability for users to now order food, book appointments and purchase tickets from brand Pages directly from its app.

The new food delivery Facebook feature allows users to place their orders on that specific restaurant's Facebook Page. However, said restaurant must use services like Delivery.com or Slice.

Once they open the Page, the user will be able to tap on "Start Order" to begin making their delivery request.

Along with ordering food when hunger strikes as they browse through their News Feeds, Facebook users can also request an appointment at businesses that support its new booking feature.

A friend may share a photo of themselves with their new haircut and tag the salon, giving a user inspiration to get their own makeover at that establishment. Instead of leaving the app and searching for that salon and its contact info, the user could go to that business' Facebook Page to see its list of services and tap on "Request Time" to schedule an appointment. The business will then reach out to the user on Messenger to confirm that the appointment is set.

Those curious about how much a service will cost can tap on the new "Get Quote" button for businesses as well.

Facebook is also letting users purchase tickets to movies, concerts and other events directly from Facebook Pages with its partnership with Fandango, along with now Ticketmaster and Eventbrite.

All these new tools make getting things done more convenient when mobile so that the user can be more productive and focus on things that matter to them. With just a few taps, food can be ordered while the user is on their way home and that movie date is planned after watching a trailer.

Facebook is also helping its users discover establishments, events and things to do with its new recommendations feature. This means users won't need to go to Yelp or other services.

Since people generally find new places to eat, new places to check out or things do from friends, Facebook is tapping into this logic by allowing users to search for recommendations. To do so (with the feature on), the user can start by composing a status update like, "What is a good restaurant in New York City?"

Facebook friends can then comment with their suggestions, and if they recommend one of the establishments that has a brand Page, Facebook will automatically include it in the comments.

All of the places recommended will be mapped out so that they are saved to one place. The mapped area grows every time someone comments with another place.

All these new tools began rolling out for the Facebook app for iOS for U.S. users on Wednesday, with more features expected to be added over time.

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