Skyrim: Special Edition is finally here, and fans are wasting no time in experimenting with all the mods it has to offer. From adding god-mode to entire player-created expansions, mods can (and do) completely change the way Skyrim is played.

For the millions of players who have already poured hundreds of hours into Bethesda's open world RPG, that's a good thing. It makes an old game new once more. But which mods have prove to be the most popular thus far?

That's what this list is for. Whether you're playing on Xbox One or PS4, this collection of some of Skyrim: Special Edition's most popular mods should help you get started experiencing Skyrim for the first time all over again.

PS4 Mods

Due to Sony's more restrictive mod policy, players on PS4 won't find the custom made weapons, brand new spells and player made storylines that can be found on Xbox One. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of fun to be had. Here are some of the current most popular mods for PS4 gamers:

Hardcore Difficulty

This mod modifies the game's existing "Legendary" difficulty by not only making it far easier to be killed in combat, but so that enemies are much easier to kill as well. The result is a fast-paced combat that focuses on careful planning and precision, rather than running wildly swinging one's sword.

Rebalanced Level Lists

If you've ever been disappointed by the loot from a slain dragon or a treasure chest at the end of a dungeon, this mod is for you. It adds far better rewards for certain activities and updates the game's various loot tables. Simple and sweet.

Lore Based Loading Screens

If you've become bored with Skyrim's loading screens, this is a popular mod for you. With Lore Based Loading Screens installed, you can brush up on your Elder Scrolls lore while waiting for the game to load. Each lore tidbit has been hand selected and editing by some of the best and brightest in the Elder Scrolls lore community, so you know they've got their facts straight.

Cheat Mod

It's no surprise that a cheat mod would be popular, but this mod is a little misleading. It doesn't exactly allow players to do anything as its name implies. Instead, this mod adds a nearly unlimited number of crafting ingredients towards the beginning of the game alongside a ring that gives the player far great carrying capacity.

Rich Merchants Of Skyrim

It's never fun hunting for a merchant to sell all your most valuable items to, so this mod makes a simple fix to the game to eliminate that issue. Every merchant will have 10,000 gold available for buying all of your rare weapons and items, resulting in a big payday for you.

Rain and Snow FX

And simple mod that adds another level of graphical detail to an already visually upgraded game. With this mod player gear will become wet after swimming or standing in the rain. If you've been outside in the snow for a certain amount of time, your weapons and armor will have an added layer of frost.

Xbox One Mods

There are a huge number of mods available on Xbox One. There is some crossover between popular mods on both consoles, but many of Xbox One's most popular Skyrim mods involve player made creations ranging from new weapons and races to whole new areas to explore.

Open Cities

Vanilla Skyrim forces players to load when entering the game's larger cities, effectively cutting players off from the rest of the game world when doing so. This popular mod makes it so no loading screens are required upon venturing to the game's large towns, making for a more connected, cohesive and immersive Skyrim experience.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This is a simple quality of life mod that is a no brainer. All it does is fix many of the various bugs and glitches left unfixed by Bethesda itself. Why wouldn't you download this?

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Conversations in Skyrim can often feel stilted and robotic. This mod fixes that problem by adding more than 5,000 new lines of dialogue for NPCs, largely focused on spouses, rivals, friends and followers. The creators achieved this by taking existing dialogue within the game and editing them together to form all new dialogue responses, making this a must have mod.

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Looking for some new spells to sling? This is the mod for you. "Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim" adds 155 new spells to the game with high quality custom effects and animations. The new spells can also be found in various scrolls and staves throughout the game, so even non-magic focused players can take the new abilities for a spin.

The Forgotten City

For the Skyrim player who's already done everything the game has to offer, allow us to present "The Forgotten City". This popular mod is a player-made expansion pack for Bethesda's RPG that tasks players with solving a murder-mystery deep in an ancient and forgotten underground city. Featuring an original score, professionally voice acted dialogue, a 6-8 hour length and multiple endings, it's the perfect mod for a Skyrim player looking for a fresh new experience to keep them occupied.

Wondering how to get all these mods up and running? Be sure to read our mod installation guide here.

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