Skyrim: Special Edition doesn't arrive until later this week, but modders are already busy making their creations compatible for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like PS4 players will have many options when it comes to customizing their experience.

No Shortage Of Mods

According to the official list of compatible mods on the Bethesda site as of writing (via IGN), there are 65 mods for the Xbox One version of Skyrim: Special Edition. The mods range from everything adding whole new dwarven cities for players to explore to graphical improvements and everything in between.

There's a lot to sift through, and it looks like players will have no shortage of mods to choose from when it comes to building upon the base game.

The number of available mods for the PS4 version of the game, however, is a much different story. As of writing, only 10 mods are available for the PS4 version of the game. These include simple additions such as adding more road signs, new "lore-based" loading screens and a new scroll crafting system. All 10 of the currently available PS4 mods are also available on Xbox One.

Sony Lays Down Restrictions On Mods

This is to be expected. For weeks, it seemed like Sony wouldn't allow mods on the PS4 version of Skyrim: Special Edition at all. Sony finally caved in, but with one major caveat: Skyrim: Special Edition on PS4 would not support mods with user created assets. That means no modder-created new items, characters or environments would be available. Only objects that already exist within the game can be modified or used for mod purposes.

Sony's restriction automatically drastically reduces the number of mods that will be usable on PS4. After all, a large part of the fun when it comes to mods is seeing what new quests, areas and items players create and add to the game, whether they be serious or completely hilarious in nature. Sony refusing to allow user created assets is a huge win for Microsoft, who can now point to their platform as being the superior one to play Skyrim: Special Edition on. Microsoft's console also allows for up to 5GB worth of mods to be installed, compared to the PS4's 1GB, though it should be noted that mods using existing assets are far smaller than ones that feature user created ones.

Skyrim: Special Edition releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 28. Which console will you be picking up the game for? Let us know in the comments below.

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