Introducing LFDATE, a dating app for gamers that’s less about looks and more about gaming


Gamers need love, too, but finding someone with similar interests is often a daunting task. Enter LFDate, a new app that lets you find love using an avatar and a list of the games you love to play.

The idea behind LFDate is to give gamers a new and innovative way to date other gamers. The app uses a customizable avatar, rather than a real photo, for each user. Users with similar interests then go on "game dates."

But why does LFDate only use an avatar for users? The creators are taking a "don't judge a book by its cover" approach to online dating. The idea is to bring like-minded people together through their love of gaming.

"We're very excited to introduce a gamer twist to online dating," says Raymond Walintukan, CEO and co-founder of LFDate. "We believe that gamers can make real connections and find compatible mates by playing games together as opposed to traditional online dating methods."

So how does LFDate work? Each user selects an avatar they feel best represents them. They then put together a list of games they own and games they want to play with a schedule of their availability. LFDate sets up a "game date," so that two users with similar interests can spend time gaming together. Users attend the date and then report back to the app about how it went.

Considering that 59 percent of Americans now play video games and 44 percent of adults are single, LFDate's creators feel that their app will appeal to a broad audience. Because of its blind dating approach, LFDate sets itself apart from other dating apps aimed at geeks and gamers. Dating sites using profile photos only seem to work for some people.

"Too much competition from men often leads to some women getting overwhelmed by messages," says a press release. "LFDate is a fun, safe and anonymous way for gamers to date each other."

As of now, LFDate has turned to Kickstarter to fund the app. Backers can earn everything from mugs to in-app rewards to custom avatars for use within the app.

An Android version of LFDate is already close to completion, so the crowdfunding will help get additional features added to the app, such as avatar customizations and voice chats.

LFDate comes out in November 2014 on iOS, Android and the web.

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