Everyone is looking for the perfect security camera that will do all the hard work, one that is capable of cutting down on security-related fees. Well, the Netatmo Presence might very well be the security camera you're looking for.

The Netatmo Presence, unveiled at CES 2016 in January, is now on sale. The Presence is Wi-Fi-connected and has built-in artificial intelligence that is capable of distinguishing animals from people or cars. This could be the first security camera to come with AI, and that's a big deal.

There's also a smartphone app designed to work seamlessly with the camera. From what we've come to understand, whenever the camera spots something, it can send a message to the owner's smartphone saying "car seen" or "person seen," depending on what it identifies.

The owner can program Presence to begin recording when it stumbles upon a moving object or person. Furthermore, it can be programmed to be on idle mode or turn sprinklers off if it detects an animal moving by. Interesting piece of kit, right? Good, we agree on that wholeheartedly.

Night Vision Attack

One cool feature is the night vision feature as part of the camera's software. Owners can sit back in the middle of the night with all lights off to watch what's happening outside via this feature.

According to to Ars Technica, the Presence is an outdoor camera, so it comes with dust protection and water resistance features. Now, while it does have Wi-Fi for streaming and sending notifications, it's not wireless seeing as it must be connected to electrical wiring throughout the house. This is great because the owner will never have to worry about the possibility of a dead battery.

The AI Feature Is Native

We talked about the AI features, but here's the thing folks, the feature is native, meaning the image processing is done internally. There is no need for the Presence to contact company servers.

"The camera instantly detects unusual situations and sends precise notifications to the users' smartphone," says Netatmo CEO Fred Potter. "[It then] alerts them in real time if there's a break-in, an intruder, or property damage."

Presence Sends Recording To FTP Servers And Dropbox

This is optional by the way, but a great optional feature at that. You see, the Netatmo Presence is designed to save its recorded content on an SD card. It comes with 8 GB of storage, but owners can add up to 32 GB. However, anyone could rip the camera down and walk off with the evidence.

By allowing the device to save content to the cloud and FTP servers, evidence will always be around and waiting.

The Netatmo Presence costs $299, and that's the only cash you'll need to throw down. None of that subscription stuff, just the way things are meant to be, but more stylish and technologized.

If you're not into wires, then the Netgear Arlo Pro might be up your alley. It's a wireless camera with a battery that is supposed to last six months on a single charge.

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