The latest season of Agents of SHIELD is all about Ghost Rider, but not the Ghost Rider most fans are familiar with. The show has focused on the newest character to don the Ghost Rider mantle in the form of Robbie Reyes, which led many to speculate on whether or not the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now fans have their answer.

Spoilers for Agents of SHIELD below!

The answer is, put simply, yes. Johnny Blaze is a part of Marvel's film universe. The reveal comes in the latest episode titled "The Good Samaritan," an episode that dove deep into Robbie's Ghost Rider origin story.

It's an origin story that is far different from that of the comics. After being in a near fatal car crash that cost Robbie's brother his ability to walk, Robbie prays that he would do anything as long his brother Gabe survived. Robbie then recalls "dying", only to wake up and receive his powers from a man with a flaming skull riding a motorcycle and sporting a leather jacket. Meanwhile, Gabe remembers the events differently. He recalls seeing Robbie lying on the road when a "good samaritan" drove up on a motorcycle and helped Robbie up.

While it's not explicitly stated, it's clear that the man on the motorcycle with the flaming skull is Johnny Blaze. Who else would it be? His leather jacket and motorcycle are what makes him iconic, so for both of those to be used on the show and it not be the original Ghost Rider wouldn't make much sense. The previous episode of the show even hinted at Johnny existing via a poster for the carnival Johnny used to work for as a stunt rider.

What's new about all this is how Johnny seems to have gifted his power to Robbie. That's not a power he possesses from the comics, as the Ghost Rider is the embodiment of being possessed by the spirit of vengeance. That begs the question: is Johnny Blaze still possessed by the spirit of vengeance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as Robbie? Or did he hand over the spirit to Robbie, freeing him from his burden as the Ghost Rider?

Those are answers fans still don't have questions to. This might not be the last fans see of Johnny either. If Johnny still sports his Ghost Rider abilities, it may be that SHIELD will require his aid at some point. We'll have to wait to find out, but the possibility of multiple Ghost Riders existing at the same time is an exciting one.

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