Now that Marvel fans have finished streaming Luke Cage, the powerful, entertaining and socially conscious Netflix original series that features a bulletproof black superhero who wore a hoodie, it's time to redirect your attention to the series starring his female counterpart: Jessica Jones.

Known for being a strong female character, Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) will be making a comeback on the streaming service for a a second season. But she isn't the only woman worth noting on set.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones will feature a lineup of all female directors, proving that women are just as bad (in the good way) behind the scenes.

Showrunner and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg announced at a conference in at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism on Friday that all 13 episodes that make up season 2 of Marvel's Jessica Jones will be directed by women.

Having all female directors on board for season 2 further strengthens the overall message of the show that women are fierce and are as tough as men.


But Rosenberg revealed that she can't take the credit for this decision, this was a brilliant idea proposed by someone else from the production team. Even still, it's something Marvel gave the green light to—and rightfully so as it continues to try to increase the amount of female representation in its properties.

Even though these women will be behind the camera, having them in such a pivotal job to the show makes a big statement.

Speaking to the crowd, Rosenberg said the business is "really hard," and that those looking to break into it must possess tenacity and be able to accept rejection—something that happened to get a lot.

Filming for season 2 of the feminist superhero series is expected to start next year. Rumors have it that Luke Cage (Mike Colter) will make a cameo on the second season, as well as there being a focus on Trish Walker's (Rachael Taylor) back story, which may reveal that she is the superheroine Hellcat. Another idea popular among fans is that Jones and Walker start a romantic relationship.

What we do know (from Rosenberg) is that Jones will continue to deal with trauma caused by Killgrave, despite finally seeking her revenge in the end of season 1.

It's believed that season 2 of Jessica Jones won't premiere on Netflix until 2018 to make room for the premiere of another new superhero series, The Defenders this upcoming year.

Source: Variety

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