It seems like Halo 5 is the game of choice when it comes to providing features painfully absent in other shooters. For example, when space battles were nowhere to be seen in Star Wars: Battlefront, fans took to Halo 5's Forge mode to craft space battles of their own.

Now with the release of Battlefield 1, Forge masterminds are once again providing a feature curiously absent in EA's latest shooter: WWI plane dogfights. While one of Battlefield 1's single player "War Stories" does put the spotlight on aerial dogfights, there is no dedicated multiplayer mode for wannabe flyboys to test their skills against other online aces.

That's where Halo 5 comes in. Forge creator JoeAct20's Air Superiority game type and World War Forge Fire In The Sky custom map for Halo 5 is the perfect way to live out your World War I flying ace fantasies. The game mode combines Halo's iconic Warthog and Banshee vehicles to create pilotable planes complete with rear-gunner seats. The mode supports up to 16 players in 8v8 battles (with two people per plane). One player pilots the Banshee/Warthog hybrid while another commands the chaingun in the back and attempts to shoot down enemy planes.

It's all pretty impressive in action, and the custom map is big enough to allow for all kinds of aerial acrobatics. You can watch an overview of the World War Forge custom game and map below via ZannyVids on YouTube.

It all begs the question as to why DICE chose not to ship Battlefield 1 with a plane focused gametype? Perhaps the developer didn't think demand would be there for such a mode? Regardless, wannabe pilots can still take to the skies in Battlefield 1 gametypes like Operations and Conquest to rain death from above. Unfortunately, it's just not the same as duking it out with a dozen other players in massive aerial battles.

Battlefield 1 is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read our full review of the game here. In Halo 5 news, the game recently celebrated its one year-anniversary, a year that was filled with free updates in the form of new maps, game modes and customization items for players to acquire. While fans shouldn't expect any huge expansions to be added to the game in the year ahead, developer 343 Industries is promising more maps and matchmaking improvements.

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